Monday, June 28, 2010

Meerkat World Tour Giveaway

Remember this little cutie?

Alchemy the meerkat came to visit me earlier this year and we made a horsehair basket together, for her to take on her world tour. What a long way she has come!

Now, Alchemy has returned home to the UK and is ready for the big finale...she will be going on one last trip to live with ~some lucky person~ to live for the rest of her natural knitted life! She comes with a whole treasure chest of goodies, like a wedding trousseau...

Alchemy is knitted by Heather of and will soon be awarded in a free giveaway! Go to niftyknits blog for the latest news on how to get Alchemy to come live at your house!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time to Vote!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Exchange Basket Received: Nancy Gildersleeve to Debra Steinman

The final basket in our exchange has been received! And for the reveal, we will hear from Debra Steinman:

I received my basket from Nancy Gildersleeve five days ago. It's using a darker colored pine needle, and waxed linen. The basket it self, is completely coiled with pine needles ... (no caps). The basket is coiled in such a way that the coiled layers are not all connecting which achieves a beautiful asymetrical affect.

Nancy thanks for the basket it's beautiful!

Wow, aren't they all great!???!! I am very pleased at how this exchange turned out.

We will vote on our favorite basket for this exchange, stay tuned! The favorite basket maker will receive a prize from my shop!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Roy Burkhart to Lori Tourish

We are getting to the last exchanges. Here is the latest, Roy Burkhart sent his lovely original to Lori Tourish, and here's what she told us:

After stalking my various shipping carriers for the last few weeks, I finally walked to the mailbox hoping to see a missing key for the package slot....crossing my fingers I opened my box hoping to find the key....and there it was! Woo hoo! My neighbors must think I lost my mind, because I was so excited to get home and open the box!

What I found was a beautifully crafted piece of art that I will be displaying proudly!

The base looks to be a undulating piece of driftwood, the pineneedle coils wrap this way and that, it also includes 3 walnut slices that add to the beauty. Not sure of the wrapping material but looks to be a linen or cotton or sinew, naturally colored. My son said "Wow, that's cool!" He's right!

Thanks Roy, it's beautiful and I will enjoy it for many years to come!

Roy told me more about his piece, which he calls "The Flight of the Butterfly:"

The base is a small piece from the weird tree in my backyard. One of the dogs brought it in. I shaped it a little, saned it smooth, mostly, and use some Natural Danish Oil which darkened it. I drilled holes where necessary but not everywhere. I've been doing this for a while on gourds and other pieces of odd wood, calling it "unholey coiling" because "less holey coiling isn't as funny...

I am loving how this exchange is turning out, aren't you?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exchange Received: Gerri Swanson to Marianne Barnes

Another great basket has arrived! This one is from Gerri to Marianne, but Marianne was having some difficulties posting, so it will be introduced by it's maker, Gerri:

Hello everyone,

I have been asked by Marianne Barnes to let everyone know she has received her basket! They are having some terrible storms in her part of South Carolina, so her internet is down. She received it today and was so excited she called me. I am her exchange person who sent her basket. I was of course thrilled that she is delighted with it!! She will have to wait (possibly until Monday or later) for internet service to return. Then she will describe it to all of you.

In the meantime; it has been great fun to be a part of this, my first exchange. I am eagerly awaiting the next one!
So thanks to all who have participated! The inspiration is incredible!

Thank goodness, Marianne's internet connection is back, and she wrote:
I received the most incredible basket from Gerri. I have asked her to send more photos of her baskets to go in the book I am writing right now on New and different materials for weaving and coiling. I have heard of bullwhip algae but had never seen any. It is soooo cool! The basket was coiled with palm stems and had this bullwhip algae around the top. The start was an agate slice. she also included a lavendar wand. I am so thrilled. The basket is beautiful. thank you so much Gerri! One day soon my husband and I will take the trip out west.
Thanks Pam for organizing this wonderful exchange. what fun!

Exchange Basket Received: Lynn Hoyt to Karyl Jo Hartsog

Here's another beautiful exchange basket, from Lynn Hoyt to Karyl Jo Hartsog! KJ wrote:

I have received a beautifully crafted basket from Lynn Hoyt. This is extra fun because Lynn was my exchange partner too. The basket is coiled with all delicious smelling Carolina sweetgrass. I mean it. It smells good enough to eat! The binder is black and I would guess it is waxed linen?
I use mostly raffia so let me know if I am wrong here. There are bright sparkly blue beads among the floating and intertwined coils. The smell and sea green color of the sweet grass , the turquoise colored beads and the spiral created from the stitching remind me of last 4th of July. I spent July 4th 2009 on Mertle Beach South Carolina! Fireworks Lynn. A treasure of a basket. Thank You so much.
We all learn and get enspired from these exchanges even if one didn't participate this time. I am glad the whole group will vote for their favorite.
Thank you Pamela for hosting a fun exchange. I love my new sweetgrass basket.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Jessica Pitts to Donna in WA

Exchange Basket Received: Jessica Pitts to Donna in WA

This one is a sculpural animal! Donna writes:

Jessica writes that this is her first asymmetrical basket. She calls it Little Blue Cat. She used blue twine to coil the pine needles. Blue is actually one of my favorite colors. Jessica, I think you did a wonder job for your first asymmetrical basket. Thank you so much for this adorable gift. I sure hope my cat doesn't get upset about another cat in the house.

great idea! Next exchange perhaps will be animals? what do you all think?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Marianne Barnes to Ruth Anne Danger

Here's another beautiful colorful one, from Marianne Barnes to Ruth Anne Danger. Ruth Anne wrote:

When I got home from my Wed. pine needle basket class today my package was waiting for me. It was from Marianne Barnes of SC, What a joy it turned out to be. It is so very unlike my baskets it just jumped out of the box right into my heart. It just sings to me. A song of vibrant colors and earthy tones all twined together turning the attached gourd into wonderful basket. I am taking the description from the note enclosed with it so you will have the proper description.

The gourds was dyed with Trans tint dyes. The coiling was done with Danish cording and mizihiki. The pod is a Jacaranda pod from Florida.
The exchange has ben such a learning experience as well as such a fun time. Thanks to everyone and Pam you get a extra hug with your thanks.

What a wonderful variety of coiling we are having in this exchange! I hope you all are enjoying it as much as i am. I love the floating coils and the jacaranda pod in this one!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latest exchange basket: Andrea Parker to Pamela Caskey

Latest exchange basket: Andrea Parker to Pamela Caskey. This one is most unusual, and is a first basket for the maker!

Here's what Pamela had to say:

My Exchange basket arrived from Andrea Parker, a beginner at making baskets and this is her first basket exchange. Andrea may be a beginner at basket making but she is able to think out of the box and has created a very interesting work of art. It is definitely Asymmetrical. The item she titles "Africa's Winter Net." It begins with a start that is a kind of a starburst effect made out of cut dark twigs of sticks that she has glued together with hot glue. In the center of that is what appears to be a small nest of sweet grass. Entwined around that is coiled white nylon rope that is binned together with some fine silver colored wire. It ends with several loops and knots that brings it all together into a very interesting peace of art that I will gladly hang on the wall of my RV to enjoy. Andrea thank you very much for this and I will cherish it always. I hope that someday in my travels we might meet and exchange a true friendship. Best wishes in your coiling I hope the art brings as much pleasure to you as it does me.

Thinking outside the box and pushing ourselves is part of what is fun about an exchange. Receiving a work that differs greatly from our own work stimulates and educates us. I am really excited to see how different all the baskets are in this exchange! We have only a few more to reveal...stay tuned!

Basketry Exhibition at The Bascom
The Bascom : A Center for the Visual Arts
Highlands, NC

On View: Artists In Residence and National Basketry Organization
June 12–July 18, Atrium and Education Galleries
National Basketry Organization: Michael Davis, curator, selects works from members of this nonprofit organization celebrating its ten-year anniversary.
Here are the Selected Exhibitors from the National Basketry Organization:
JoAnn Kelly Catsos, Ashley Falls, MA
Katherine Lewis, Mt Vernon, WA
Jackie Abrams, Brattleboro, VT
JoAnn Russo, Saxtons River, VT
Donya Stockton, Austin, TX
Pamela Zimmerman, Washington, NC

This exhibition includes 4 of my pieces from the "Catching the Moon" series.
If you live in western NC, or near there, don't miss this exhibit and an opportunity to work with Patrick Doughterty on his installation there.

Hope you can attend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exchange Received: Leigh Adams to Roy Burkhart

Yet another wonderful exchange basket received! From Leigh Adams to Roy Burkhart. Here's what Roy posted about it:
As I was going out the door, I saw a box in the doorway, addressed to me. I rarely get packages, so knew what it must be. Didn't stop to look where it was from. Saw bubble wrap, and something very very tiny. It was basket with handle, coiled from blue and purple round reed and green waxed linen. The handle barely fit over my pinkie. I'm
always impressed that someone can work that small, my miniatures would have to be at least 4-5 inches. :) I didn't think that was the actual item so I continued to dig. At the bottom, I found another bubble-wrapped basket, somewhat larger in size. The center was an undulating clay base, in green and turquoise, with some gold in the center. Something had been pressed into it (burlap/cloth/something) to suggest little boxes or squares, but not quitePine needles were neatly coiled around, with a dark green waxed linen, I think. The bottom was signed LA. Then I looked at the included note to verify it was indeed from Leigh Adams.

Two beautiful pieces.

Perhaps Roy will send us a photo of the second piece Leigh sent him...and i can post it, too!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Nancy DeVries to Toni Best

Our latest exchange! This one was made by Nancy DeVries, and received by Toni Best. Here's what Toni had to say about it:

What a beautiful piece of art and a wonderful gift! Nancy Devries coiled pine needles around a wooden base and captured a fantastic piece of drift wood from Lake Michigan. She has used thin artificial sinew against the dark, glycerin treated needles to create this asymmetrical piece with three floating coils. I feel privileged indeed to be the recipient of this basket! Thank you so much, Nancy. It is awesome!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Toni Best to Janet Bonnell

Here's a colorful exchange basket! They are flying in now! From coiler extraordinare Toni Best to Janet Bonnell. Here's what Janet had to say about it:

Well it is the most exquisite creation from Toni Best titled "The Lady's Slipper". It starts out with a gourd base that looks like a purple rainbow surrounded by coiled dyed sea grass that undulates and curves around and then takes a dive through a hole in the bottom of the gourd and reappears to coil around somemore. It is all held together with very fine artificial sinew. Just gorgous! And somehow Toni knew that purple was my color!!

Thanks so much to Toni for my lovely basket

Exchange Received: Pamela Zimmerman to Nancy Gildersleeve

The basket I sent to Nancy Gildersleeve has arrived. It is called "Splash," and as Nancy has surmised, is coiled with 2 colors of horsehair. Nancy wrote:

It is a masterful piece of coiling built on one of her clay centers, stamped with a fish design. It is coiled with bright blue waxed nylon, split very thin with each stitch split as it goes around. I think she's used horsehair to coil over and the shape curves up and then folds in on itself, the best part are three really tiny baskets attached to the topmost coil! What an awesome endeavor!! Thanks so much Pamela, I'm honored.

You're welcome, Nancy! It is so much fun to be a part of these exchanges! I cannot wait to see the rest of the baskets!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Exchange Received: Janet Bonnell to Andrea Parker

Exchange Received: Janet Bonnell to Andrea Parker!

Another gorgeous basket in our exchange! Janet named this basket "Which Way" and here is what Andrea wrote about it:"Which Way" is such a prominent detailed piece of art. The stitches are strong and the pattern's course that it takes and when it will end has such an amazing flow and so hard to give a concise idea of what I am speaking of. I was impressed with the stitch work, the color is real extra (a sage, to dry earth green), the bottom a delicate yet added strength made of a plastic and the beads were the cherry on top along with the silver leaf (my personal inspiration). Being a beginner myself it was hard to fathom getting mine completed, and meeting the expectations of this exchange, however Janet your artwork was the inspiration to me and my finished product.

wow, very cool. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Basketry Exhibition at The Bascom

The Bascom :: A Center for the Visual Arts
Highlands, NC

On View: Artists In Residence and National Basketry Organization
June 12–July 18, Atrium and Education Galleries
National Basketry Organization: Michael Davis, curator, selects works from members of this nonprofit organization celebrating its ten-year anniversary.

This exhibition includes 4 of my pieces from the "Catching the Moon" series.
If you live in western NC, or near there, don't miss this exhibit and an opportunity to work with Patrick Doughterty on his installation there.

Hope you can attend!

Exchange Basket from Lori Tourish to Jessica Pitts

Another basket has arrived in our exchange, this one from Lori Tourish to Jessica Pitts!

Jessica wrote:

Lori Tourish sent me a very wondeful basket and I received it today. She included two lampwork beads that she made and they are gorgeous!!!! I love the basket stitched with natural sinew and had two walnut slices and a teneriffe ring.

Her stitching is so precise the basket hardly seems asymetrical. It is beautiful. Thank you so much She also sent a card which had been made by her grandmother and was a picture of a bird that her grandmother painted and then made a card from. What a talented woman.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exchange Basket ! Diane Heister to Pamela Zimmerman

I, too, have received my exchange basket! It is so exciting!

Diane Heister, reportedly a new coiler under the wing of Ruth Anne Danger, sent me a lovely summery daisy basket! The base is one of my own pottery pieces, with big white and yellow daisies on it...Diane used sinew in colors I have never seen before, a yellowy green and rich burnt orange, they set off the colors in the base so beautifully. This is a meticulous coiler, she used several different stitches used some graceful floating coils over a sliced sea shell to emphasize the already asymmetrical base and make it into a wonderful showcase basket. It will be beautiful on my wall! I am quite delighted with this breath of fresh air basket...I think that is what I will call it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Exchange Basket from Debra Steinman to Diane Heister

They are flying in regularly now! This one was made by Debra Steinman and received by Diane Heister. Diane writes:

I received a wonderful basket from Debra Steinman. She has left the caps on the bundles to create a very interesting design.It was stitched with rafia also. It reminds me of a cactus!This is a very unique piece that has inspired me to try more daring designs.Thank you Debra!

Debra's basket is very asymmetrical and has lots of texture. I am betting these are not longleaf pine needles, either! Care to tell us what they are, Debra? Diane lives in longleaf pine country, and i would wager this is her the first non longleaf pine needle basket she has seen in person!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exchange Basket Received by Gerri Swanson!

Another exchange basket received! This one is from Donna in WA to Gerri Swanson. Gerri writes:

My basket from Donna in WA arrived yesterday! What fun to see the mailman walking to my door. That means he has a package for me!! I knew what it had to be!!
My exchange basket!

It is the cutest little thing. It's a pitcher! It has a handle and a spout (just like the little teapot!!) (A favorite song of my children's and mine!)

Donna used 3 different types of pine needles, and a little sweetgrass from Avalon Farms. Some of the pine needles were dyed, others were left natural. She mixed them all together, giving the effect of multi-colored yarn used for knitting and crocheting. The crazy thing is, I am currrently crocheting a blanket with the very same colors! I love synchronicity!

It almost looks like it has sat in the sun too long and is melting. Like a candle folding down into itself. However, it is very strong and sturdy. The scent of it it light and heavenly!
Thank you, Donna. This is my first exchange, but I know it won't be my last! It has been such fun!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sneak Peek of Dorothy McGuinness Show

The Artist Reception for Dorothy McGuinness' show, Baskets: More than Function was today.

There was a nice crowd, including a whole group of basketmakers! Thanks for coming, everyone! That's Dorothy, with the white name tag on (holding the drink,) standing by the first case with her baskets in it.

Dorothy gave us a little talk, told us how she started weaving, and something about how she creates her baskets. We had a few questions, I am sure you can imagine.

There was also a very nice spread of food and cold drinks, and it was just a lovely reception.

The baskets are amazing. One of my favorites is called "Falling." It is very black...there are some other colors in it, but of course they are hard to photograph. Here it is with increased contrast (and a flash) which brings out the white edges where the paper is cut, and it shows off the great zig zags made by her twill weaving.

My favorite, i think, is this green and white one, "Rippled Green." Dorothy was kind enough to let me pose with her next to it (that's me on the right.)

This exhibition continues through September 12, so you still have time to go see it!

Rocky Mount Arts Center
Imperial Centre for Arts and Sciences

270 Gay Street
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Regular hours of operation:
10am-5pm Tuesday – Saturday,
1pm-5pm Sunday
Admission: Free

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update on Dorothy McGuinness Exhibition

Update on Dorothy McGuinness Exhibition, Baskets: More than Function

Dorothy will be giving a walk through of her exhibition at 3 pm, Sunday (tomorrow.) This is during the artist reception. Please plan to come, it should be wonderful!

See you there!

Rocky Mount Arts Center
Imperial Centre for Arts and Sciences

270 Gay Street
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Community Reception
Sunday, June 6, 2010 2-4pm

Come and meet Dorothy!

Regular hours of operation:
10am-5pm Tuesday – Saturday,
1pm-5pm Sunday
Admission: Free

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Pamela Caskey to Leigh Adams

This great basket was made by Pam Caskey and received by Leigh Adams. Here's what Leigh had to say about it:

Pamela sent me a luscious smelling basket that is a veritable wonderland of dancing stitches, jubilant color and joyful design. Centered on a lovely agate are ripples of closed coil and natural pineneedles flowing upward into lace captured walnut slices and glowing with radiant color! The stitching is firm and well spaced, creating a firm and sturdy basket. The sides move upwards with different colors of waxed nylon in a feather stitch and with
additional closed coils of pine. The uppermost section of the basket is created with fragrant sweet grass and a very clever use of walnut slices as handles integrated into the basket. The overall piece is pleasing and colorful and will be a most lovely addition to my collection.

Thank you Pam Caskey!

Another great basket! What a wonderful exchange we are having!

Fiber Celebration 2010

Fiber Celebration 2010
Sponsored by the Northern Colorado Weavers Guild (36th Annual Juried Exhibition)

When: June 4 through July 11, 2010
Where: Tointon Gallery for the Visual Arts, Union Colony Civic Center
651 10th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631
Opening Reception: June 4, 2010, awards 5-7 pm

I am honored to have been included in this show. My piece is "Catching the Deep Purple Moon."