Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latest exchange basket: Andrea Parker to Pamela Caskey

Latest exchange basket: Andrea Parker to Pamela Caskey. This one is most unusual, and is a first basket for the maker!

Here's what Pamela had to say:

My Exchange basket arrived from Andrea Parker, a beginner at making baskets and this is her first basket exchange. Andrea may be a beginner at basket making but she is able to think out of the box and has created a very interesting work of art. It is definitely Asymmetrical. The item she titles "Africa's Winter Net." It begins with a start that is a kind of a starburst effect made out of cut dark twigs of sticks that she has glued together with hot glue. In the center of that is what appears to be a small nest of sweet grass. Entwined around that is coiled white nylon rope that is binned together with some fine silver colored wire. It ends with several loops and knots that brings it all together into a very interesting peace of art that I will gladly hang on the wall of my RV to enjoy. Andrea thank you very much for this and I will cherish it always. I hope that someday in my travels we might meet and exchange a true friendship. Best wishes in your coiling I hope the art brings as much pleasure to you as it does me.

Thinking outside the box and pushing ourselves is part of what is fun about an exchange. Receiving a work that differs greatly from our own work stimulates and educates us. I am really excited to see how different all the baskets are in this exchange! We have only a few more to reveal...stay tuned!

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