Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tenerife Window by Terry Wowk

Here is a beautiful wall hanging by Terry Wowk.
Terry has used a wonderful array of techniques in this stunning hanging. It is hard to believe she styles herself a beginner. Way to go, Terry! I am quite impressed.
It uses one of the tenerife window pottery pieces from my MakeABasket.etsy.com shop as a start.
It blossoms like a flower, and reminds me a great deal of Native American Madela, but with a real pine needle twist :) Terry, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful piece with all of us. Tenerife window pottery centers are available at MakeABasket.etsy.com

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recently, I was contacted by a fellow artist, who said:

"Ijust wanted to say thank you for offering all the ceramic basket starts and thought I'd send you a picture of some of the bowls I made this winter.

This Fall I had surgery on my thumb to repair torn ligaments with a transplanted tendon harvested from my arm and had holes drilled in my thumb and a screw to secure things.

Needless to say I required physical therapy to regain mobility in my hand so I decided to make bowls.

I taught myself to coil using the instructions you sent and since I had access to driftwood I incorporated pieces into the bowls.

I think they turned out pretty good.
Thanks again.
Deb Grenert"

Wow! What a story. Thanks, Deb, for sharing your little bowls with me. I really think they turned out great! Of course she is talking about the little ceramic bases she purchased from my MakeABasket.etsy.com shop.

You may have guessed that Deb has some fiber experience, she is "primarily a watercolor artist," but likes to try her hand at different things, and has some gourd rims under her belt. This was her first experience using the whole philodendron sheath in coiling, as well. Fabulous!

Deb is on vacation now, but returning very soon, and you can see her other artwork in her etsy shop.