Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Exchange Basket Received: Nancy Gildersleeve to Debra Steinman

The final basket in our exchange has been received! And for the reveal, we will hear from Debra Steinman:

I received my basket from Nancy Gildersleeve five days ago. It's using a darker colored pine needle, and waxed linen. The basket it self, is completely coiled with pine needles ... (no caps). The basket is coiled in such a way that the coiled layers are not all connecting which achieves a beautiful asymetrical affect.

Nancy thanks for the basket it's beautiful!

Wow, aren't they all great!???!! I am very pleased at how this exchange turned out.

We will vote on our favorite basket for this exchange, stay tuned! The favorite basket maker will receive a prize from my shop!

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