Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Exchange Basket from Debra Steinman to Diane Heister

They are flying in regularly now! This one was made by Debra Steinman and received by Diane Heister. Diane writes:

I received a wonderful basket from Debra Steinman. She has left the caps on the bundles to create a very interesting design.It was stitched with rafia also. It reminds me of a cactus!This is a very unique piece that has inspired me to try more daring designs.Thank you Debra!

Debra's basket is very asymmetrical and has lots of texture. I am betting these are not longleaf pine needles, either! Care to tell us what they are, Debra? Diane lives in longleaf pine country, and i would wager this is her the first non longleaf pine needle basket she has seen in person!

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Midnightcoiler said...

Interesting shape! I like the cactus comparison. The raffia makes it look very light colored, and the contract with the dark needles is lovely.