Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exchange Received: Gerri Swanson to Marianne Barnes

Another great basket has arrived! This one is from Gerri to Marianne, but Marianne was having some difficulties posting, so it will be introduced by it's maker, Gerri:

Hello everyone,

I have been asked by Marianne Barnes to let everyone know she has received her basket! They are having some terrible storms in her part of South Carolina, so her internet is down. She received it today and was so excited she called me. I am her exchange person who sent her basket. I was of course thrilled that she is delighted with it!! She will have to wait (possibly until Monday or later) for internet service to return. Then she will describe it to all of you.

In the meantime; it has been great fun to be a part of this, my first exchange. I am eagerly awaiting the next one!
So thanks to all who have participated! The inspiration is incredible!

Thank goodness, Marianne's internet connection is back, and she wrote:
I received the most incredible basket from Gerri. I have asked her to send more photos of her baskets to go in the book I am writing right now on New and different materials for weaving and coiling. I have heard of bullwhip algae but had never seen any. It is soooo cool! The basket was coiled with palm stems and had this bullwhip algae around the top. The start was an agate slice. she also included a lavendar wand. I am so thrilled. The basket is beautiful. thank you so much Gerri! One day soon my husband and I will take the trip out west.
Thanks Pam for organizing this wonderful exchange. what fun!

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