Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loving Diet Coke!

Love, love, love Diet Coke! Recognized as the most popular diet soda, they are also very active, engaging their fans. Find them on twitter, and instagram...

Returning from my trip to convention, I found a little mysterious box, which contained....Diet Coke!

But not just ANY Diet Coke, this stuff was jacketed in the most amazing designs.

But wait, what's that little DF on the box? Oh my, it's Diane von F├╝rstenberg! No wonder.

Diet Coke has teamed up with this fabulous fashion designer to benefit Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) in support of The Heart Truth program for women's heart health research. The set of bottles is available for a limited time only, and 100% of the proceeds got to this program. Way to go!

Oh my, there's more...there was card tucked inside....

If you can't read it, i will make it bigger...

It says:


We're so honored to have been part of your work. Thanks for letting us share it with our fans.

Stay Extraordinary,
Diet Coke
Unofficial Sponsor of LizardSkins"

Wow. Diet Coke, Unofficial Sponsor of LizardSkins!

Here's what they are talking about:

I am using Diet Coke aluminum cans to make stars, garlands

and boxes for sale in my Etsy shop, LizardSkins.

I am very honored and so flattered they like what i have done with their cans, and that they sent me this wonderful collectible. Drink it? I don't think so. This is a definite keeper!

Here is one last look, at my fav patterns, they are #s 3 & 4...i am glad she did not stop at 2.

Thanks, Diet Coke, you rock!

(Want to make your own Diet Coke Stars? Check out my pdf pattern!)