Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exchange Basket ! Diane Heister to Pamela Zimmerman

I, too, have received my exchange basket! It is so exciting!

Diane Heister, reportedly a new coiler under the wing of Ruth Anne Danger, sent me a lovely summery daisy basket! The base is one of my own pottery pieces, with big white and yellow daisies on it...Diane used sinew in colors I have never seen before, a yellowy green and rich burnt orange, they set off the colors in the base so beautifully. This is a meticulous coiler, she used several different stitches used some graceful floating coils over a sliced sea shell to emphasize the already asymmetrical base and make it into a wonderful showcase basket. It will be beautiful on my wall! I am quite delighted with this breath of fresh air basket...I think that is what I will call it!


Waldena said...

Fabulous basket. I can't believe you are a "new coiler". Great creativity, nice color combinations. Very inspiring.

Midnightcoiler said...

Wonderful work! I got to see this one in person. I like the colors and the way it goes with the daisy base. The basket has a light and airy effect!

Ruth Anne said...

It was such fun to see Diane stretch as a coiler. She is such a precise coiler so this was all new to her. She has a real style all her own. Way to go Diane. Ruth Anne Zephrhills Fl