Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Marianne Barnes to Ruth Anne Danger

Here's another beautiful colorful one, from Marianne Barnes to Ruth Anne Danger. Ruth Anne wrote:

When I got home from my Wed. pine needle basket class today my package was waiting for me. It was from Marianne Barnes of SC, What a joy it turned out to be. It is so very unlike my baskets it just jumped out of the box right into my heart. It just sings to me. A song of vibrant colors and earthy tones all twined together turning the attached gourd into wonderful basket. I am taking the description from the note enclosed with it so you will have the proper description.

The gourds was dyed with Trans tint dyes. The coiling was done with Danish cording and mizihiki. The pod is a Jacaranda pod from Florida.
The exchange has ben such a learning experience as well as such a fun time. Thanks to everyone and Pam you get a extra hug with your thanks.

What a wonderful variety of coiling we are having in this exchange! I hope you all are enjoying it as much as i am. I love the floating coils and the jacaranda pod in this one!

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