Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Pamela Caskey to Leigh Adams

This great basket was made by Pam Caskey and received by Leigh Adams. Here's what Leigh had to say about it:

Pamela sent me a luscious smelling basket that is a veritable wonderland of dancing stitches, jubilant color and joyful design. Centered on a lovely agate are ripples of closed coil and natural pineneedles flowing upward into lace captured walnut slices and glowing with radiant color! The stitching is firm and well spaced, creating a firm and sturdy basket. The sides move upwards with different colors of waxed nylon in a feather stitch and with
additional closed coils of pine. The uppermost section of the basket is created with fragrant sweet grass and a very clever use of walnut slices as handles integrated into the basket. The overall piece is pleasing and colorful and will be a most lovely addition to my collection.

Thank you Pam Caskey!

Another great basket! What a wonderful exchange we are having!


Pamela said...

I am glad you liked it Leigh, I really had fun doing it. Each one I go gets a little better than the one before. I love coiling and just do not know what I did in life before coiling.

Midnightcoiler said...

I love the colors in this! Lovely!
Also like the "dancing stitches" that Leigh described.

I'm enjoying viewing the baskets from this exchange. PZ, thanks for posting them here!

Pamela said...

sorry I intended to say Each one I (do) gets a little better than the one . Not (go)