Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exchange Received: Leigh Adams to Roy Burkhart

Yet another wonderful exchange basket received! From Leigh Adams to Roy Burkhart. Here's what Roy posted about it:
As I was going out the door, I saw a box in the doorway, addressed to me. I rarely get packages, so knew what it must be. Didn't stop to look where it was from. Saw bubble wrap, and something very very tiny. It was basket with handle, coiled from blue and purple round reed and green waxed linen. The handle barely fit over my pinkie. I'm
always impressed that someone can work that small, my miniatures would have to be at least 4-5 inches. :) I didn't think that was the actual item so I continued to dig. At the bottom, I found another bubble-wrapped basket, somewhat larger in size. The center was an undulating clay base, in green and turquoise, with some gold in the center. Something had been pressed into it (burlap/cloth/something) to suggest little boxes or squares, but not quitePine needles were neatly coiled around, with a dark green waxed linen, I think. The bottom was signed LA. Then I looked at the included note to verify it was indeed from Leigh Adams.

Two beautiful pieces.

Perhaps Roy will send us a photo of the second piece Leigh sent him...and i can post it, too!

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