Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Darling Daisy Basket by Jeanie Weber

I do love seeing what people make with my ceramic basket bases! This one is by Jeanie Weber, of who asked me to make some daisy bases for herself and her sister, wanting to make some hostess gifts. They had seen the beautiful basket made for me in the Asymmetrical Exchange by Diane Heister, and wanted to have similar bases for their baskets.

Jeanie tells me she used chrysanthemum stone beads, saying, "I ended up using more beads than usual—was afraid too many, in fact--but everybody who’s seen this one seems to like it a lot, so there you go! "
She also glued a piece of leather to the bottom of the ceramic base to give it a little more protection. That's a great tip, Jeanie! I have also used cushy fabric, like polyester blanket material or felt. A spray-on adhesive works really well.

You can click on any of the photos in this blog to see them larger, and i recommend doing so for Jeanie's darling daisy basket, which she has named "Bloom Where You Grow." Love it!

Daiy basket bases like this one can be found in my MakeABasket shop.

Stay tuned for exchange baskets, in our Summertime Exchange. They are starting to be shipped!


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