Friday, August 20, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Ruth Anne Danger to Brenda Magers

Another fabulous exchange basket has arrived! This one is from Ruth Anne Danger to Brenda Magers. It looks amazing, and Brenda was obviously tickled with it!

"I received my summertime exchange basket from Ms. Ruth. Taking it out of the box simply took my breath away. It is a beautiful combination of sweetgrass and pine needles with a beach theme. As a new coiler it is a real inspiration to keep working at it. Thank you Ms. Ruth for your gift and your time!"

MY favorite part of this basket is the little section of diamond stitches just under the rim! See them? It is about 3 rows, maybe, and in a contrasting shade of pine needles. This defines the rim as well as making a lovely accent. That, in addition to the perfectly wrapped handle, makes this an artful basket. Well done, Ruth Anne!