Friday, August 13, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Karyl Jo Hartsog to Ruth Anne Danger

The latest exchange basket received is not a basket...but i'll let Karyl Jo Hartsog explain. She sent her coiled Summertime Exchange entry to Ruth Anne Danger.
KJ writes:

"I couldn't decide on one theme so I made three picture frames. Three to symbolize the three months of summer. The frames are a size that will hold postcard size pictures.

"I look forward to fishing and hiking in the high country in the summer months.
"We have bird feeders and bird baths all over our yard so we do a lot of bird watching in the summer.

"We have a large garden and spend a lot of time there in a straw hat and thongs.

"I hope Ruth will like the frames and use them to show her summer adventures. She can also use them to display postcards from friends. I had lots of fun making them."
Fabulous! I am most enamoured with the little fishing creel on this one. What lucky draw you got this time, Ruth Anne! Here are close up shots of each little Summertime theme!



J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

Wow, how very cool. I love them!


Lori Tourish said...

Wowie zowie! I LOVE these! What a lucky draw indeed! Absolutely gorgeous and so creative!

Anonymous said...

Those are TOO CUTE!!! I am intrigued by the way that inner row was added. And the miniature fish basket, hat & sandals are too much!! Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Wow Karyl Jo. Ruth is one lucky lady. You put some really fine touches on your frames. I think any of us would have been proud to receive and display your work. Kudos to you,
Deborah Groom