Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Sue Cowell to Pamela Caskey

The latest exchange basket beauty in the Summertime Exchange is titled, "The DAY AT THE BEACH" and was made for Pamela Caskey by Sue Cowell!

Pamela wrote about Sue's basket:

"I would like to thank Sue Cowell for the lovely basket she sent me. It
is truly awesome and will bring me much pleasure as I travel around the
country in our Gulfstream Sunvoyager. Having Grown up on the ocean in
NH and spending much time walking the beaches and gathering treasures
that the Ocean deposited on it's shores, I truly love how Sue put the
basket together with treasures from the sea [:x] .

"The base is an oyster shell that was raised by her son who is a
Sellfish farmer. From there she starts her coil in natural and some
dyed green Florida Longleaf pine needles. She left the caps attached
to give it some texture and the binder was artificial sinew in a natural
color. On one side of the basket she has attached a light green ball
float with several shells or fragments of shells to it. Beside that are
several more seashells. On the other side is a star fish that she
attached to the basket.

"I only have one complaint to Sue. She did not sign her work.
But have no fear we will be heading to the North West next spring when
it gets to hot in Southern Arizona so hopefully we can connect someplace
and she will kindly add her signiture to the basket.

"Thanks again Susan and many thanks to
Pamela for organizing the exchange.

"I also thank all those in the group that are
always so willing to offer a helping hand or suggestions to us all whe
we have a question. You are all so great and very helpful and willing
to share your craft to us."

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sue!! A true treasure basket!