Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Projects

So did you get all your summer projects done? Kids are going back to school, which as everyone knows, signals the END OF SUMMER. Have you been as busy as I have?

I told you all about my summer vacation, but another project i have tackled is going through my STASH. De-stash, they call it. Feels like cleaning to me. I have so much STUFF in my studio, it is overwhelming...not to mention the garage and the attic.....

Anyway, one thing i started getting a handle on is DESTASH of my "old" projects. Was a time when i painted and dyed clothes and sold them. My gosh, did that take up alot of space...buying dozens of clothes at a time, every size from preemie to adult! Thankfully, not much is left to liquidate, but what i have is on etsy now...check my new shop, LizardSkins (which was the name of the label i sold my painted clothes under, years ago.) So if you have always wanted to try tie dye (it's back, you know,) i may have some "blanks" (plain, white clothes prepared for dye) for you!

Here's another thing i needed to find a place for...these adorable little baby rompers with patriotic stuff silkscreened on them. Another original project from years past that i never got around to selling off. Ever tried to give something away? Geesh, it is almost as hard as selling it. Here i am thinking, wow, these would make great welcome home wear for families of soldiers, coming home! But try to find someone to give them to. I called every family and child oriented office i could find down there at Cherry Point. Everyone wanted me to put them in their thrift shop to sell.

Finally, a very nice woman, wife of a retired Marine, said she would take them off my hands for distribution through the Navy Relief Fund. Thanks, Kathy!

Next project: getting the kids back to school. My oldest is headed to college. Wow. Seems like only yesterday he was modeling the same little cotton outfits for me. Little lizard is venturing out!

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