Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Day Trip of the Summer: NC Aquarium!

End of summer. Last day trip of the year...we went to the NC Aquarium!

So fun.I really love the jellyfish. They are in the dark, with special lights on them, so they this. Especially love this pink one with all the ruffly tentacles. They move in such amazing ways.

We also love the exotic fish...the ones that aren't supposed to be here in North Carolina, but somehow they the lionfish, there with all the stripes and spikes (poisonous, of course.)

We go back and forth between the lionfish and the jellyfish and sometimes the spiny lobsters...

Another favorite is the big saltwater tank, with the replica of the sunken German U-Boat, an actual shipwreck off the outer banks of North Carolina. It is a fabulous exhibit! Of course there are sharks, circling in the tank, and live divers going in and out of there...really fun to see the big fish up close!

It was raining the day we went, but the rain had not melted the fabulous sandcastle outside...what a work of art that was! It was about as tall as I am, and not just any old sandcastle. It was covered with cavorting sea otters, and had cracks in the walls, with sand bricks showing behind the cracks, wonderful! My favorite part was the door, being pulled open by a sea otter paw (or some larger critter inside?)

It has been a lovely summer, i am so sorry it is over...back to school now!

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