Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Giveaway! For Basketmakers!

Here is another giveaway, just for you! This one will appeal to basketmakers. Now you can win a pottery basketry base, made for coiling pine needles, grasses, or other fibers. It is stoneware, fired to cone 6 (very hard) with multi colored glazes, browns and oranges, very Autumn themed. The design is a leaf, with a coordinating handmade bead that you can use to embellish the same basket, or use it on something else. I made this pottery base and bead myself.

Everyone is eligible for this giveaway, it does not matter where in the world you live!

1. To enter: Visit the page Pine Needle Basket Links on the Pine Needle Group.
Find a NEW LINK, one that fits the page theme (pine needle basketry) email the link to me. My email is You can have FOUR ENTRIES this way. Please include your name, email address, and the URL (link) and the name of the link. If you win, i will contact you for your shipping address, there is no need to include it in your entry.

2.3.4. entries....If you want to send me additional pine needle basket links, that is fine, but only fOUr will qualify you for entries.
It is okay if you send me your own pine needle basket website (that would be great!)
But it HAS TO BE NEW, not already listed on the page.
Please DO NOT POST your link in a comment on this blog, that means someone else can share your link...and i want lots of different links!

5. if you want a fifth entry in the giveaway: visit my etsy shop at , and tell me what you like best in the shop and why.
Please leave your 5th entry as a comment on this blog, no fifth entries accepted by email.

3. If you want a sixth entry into the giveaway: visit my other etsy shop at and tell me what you like best in the shop and why. Please leave your 6th entry as a comment on this blog, no sixth entries accepted by email.

(If you do not want to participate with entries #1-4, you can do only entries #5 & 6, it is mix and match.)

Giveaway drawing will be done randomly, and results will be posted on Sunday, September 13, 2009.

Thanks for helping me update the Pine Needle Basket Links page! Watch this space for MORE Giveaways!



Glorious Hats said...

HI Pam, Ok in your shop this is the one I like best

because my grandpa (who died when I was 12 (near 50 years ago)) made this style of pine needle basket, the wooden base, the spiraling raffia stitches. Seeing these always bring thoughts of grandpa to mind. Lovel memories. Thanks.

Jaci said...

Pamela, I love your little items, well your big ones too, but this little turtle is the cutest! Reminds me that we used to catch them as kids :)

Jaci said...

Hey, you Purple-toed gypsy! Love this little hummingbird nest. I hadn't seen them before coming to Etsy, and I was so intrigued by them - they are so cute :)

Desert Rose Door Refinishing said...
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Waterrose said...

OH, I wish I could make baskets...well actually I could, but I don't need another obsession. I love the baskets you make with the pottery centers. I will tweet this, perhaps catch some basket people!