Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Arrived!

My fantastic giveaway prize has arrived, and I am so excited! Jen Stephens, of JL Setphens Couture had a giveaway on her blog, and, much to my shock, i won! Read about it in this other blog post.

Jen sent me a package of adorable ponytail holders in green and red...they are so cute! One is an owl, another is a flower, and the third a coordinating green. Very sturdy and so attractive. The other prize is one of her signature designer snappy wallets. It is a tropical design in pinks/red/white/blue...such a darling and useful little pouch! Just the size for anything that needs to be kept "separate." She suggests all sorts of things like coupons and passports...I am Art Postcards when i visit a gallery? With a snap so it all stays locked up, and it is fully lined. So cool. And the details....well, let's just say that Jen is a meticulous woman. This is a very professional product, one that you would see for big $$$$ in a boutique!

thanks so much, Jen, for having this great giveaway. Now all you not-so lucky folks need to take a gander at her etsy shop, jstephens13 , because I'm telling you, this is good stuff! pamela

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