Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Exchange Basket Finally Received: for Janet Bonnell...

Janet Bonnell was supposed to receive a basket from Jessica Parker. Jessica made a lovely basket, titled "Blue Sky, Blue Water." How what a beautiful look, with variegated thread giving a soft suggestion of sky and water.
We have waited and waited for it to reach Janet, but it after 3 weeks, i suppose we will have to call it "lost." So sorry, for both Jessica and Janet. Here are photos of it anyway.

Well, our Summertime Exchange is finally wrapped up! But to make sure Janet actually got a basket, i made an extra one.

Janet received a basket from me, finally! She wrote:
"What a surprise the mailman had for me today. As you all probably know my exchange basket disappeared in our mail system. Pamela was gracious enough to make me a replacement basket. It is a breath taking horsehair freeform titled "Damsel Fly Wave" Pam coiled it around one of her pottery bases with lovely teal seed beads disguising the holes in the base. All of it is stitched together with artfical sinew."
Damselfly Wave has little damselflies (similar to dragonflies, but smaller) on the base at the center.

Wonderful job, everyone! thanks so much for participating!

I am going to take a break from hosting exchanges for awhile. But if anyone else wants to host one, please contact our exchanges coordinator, Lynn Hoyt.

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Ruth Andre said...

Beautiful baskets! I love both of these baskets. They are very contemporary but very much their own style. Beautiful coiling as well,