Friday, September 3, 2010

Exchange Basket Received: Pamela Zimmerman to Sue Cowell

Here is another exchange basket, this one from Pamela Zimmerman to Sue Cowell.

Sue wrote:

"Yesterday's mail brought me a treasure! And I'm not exaggerating. I received a wonderful piece of coiled sculpture from Pamela Zimmerman, entitled BLUE PEARLY WAVE.

"Unless my eyes decieve me, it's made of brown & blond horsehair, coiled on one of her beautiful pottery bases. The binding material looks to be artifical sinew in blue & white. There is a teeny-tiny horsehair basket on the rim, and tiny pearls sewn where the base meets the coils. I do so hope the pictures do this justice.

"My daughter & I could not agree if it reminds us of the undulations of an octopus or jellyfish swimming, but it definatly looks like motion caught in time. Thank you, thank you, Pamela. I will treasure this."

Well, i'll take that, Sue. Actually, the underwater creature that inspired me was the sea slug. but of course that does not sound as neat as an octopus or jellyfish. But check them out, they are very cool. They come in many colors and shapes and are amazing! Glad you like it.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this exchange, it is almost over!

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely magnificent. I love the undulations of the coiling. It really speaks to sea life. It is a wonderful piece of sculpture. Beautiful.
Deborah Groom