Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exchnage Basket Received: Gerri Swanson to Deborah Groom

There are only a few exchange baskets left to post. Here is a very unusual one, with kelp! From Gerri Swanson to Deborah Groom.

Deborah says: "I received the most exquisite basket today... what a wonderful surprise to find Geri's basket waiting for me when I got home. It really jumped started the summer for me again.

"It is so beautiful and has so many beach gathered elements. She used Torrey Pine pine needles and coiled them in hand dyed raffia. The blue-grey of the raffia was almost identical in colouring to one of the shells in the rim of the basket. The rim also included three other shells and a fourth that was coiled into an unright position using the end of a piece of bullwhip kelp.

"You have to see this piece to admire the craftmanship, the textures, colours and ingenuity. The kelp coils around the basket and has this fabulous bulb head that I first thought was the end of a gourd.

"The center is a sand dollar that is accompanied by two other gift sand dollars, one of them drilled and one not. Talk about feeling spoilt! ...There was even two pieces of sea glass added in the basket.

I just want to say such a big thank you to you Geri for such a beautiful gift. It will be treasured and admired for a very long time. I know it must have been hard to let go of such of special piece. Thank you so much."

What a wonderfully creative basket, i really love the look of the kelp and the kelp bulb. Maybe Gerri will tell us something about the kelp? You lucky, Deborah!

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