Thursday, December 3, 2009

NCBA CONVENTION: Classes with Pamela Zimmerman

I am honored to be teaching at the NCBA Convention in March 2010 again this year! Every year it proves to be so much fun, if exhausting, to fill my days (and nights) with baskets for those 4 days! The Convention Brochure has now been posted online.

Sorry, for those of you who have inquired, no, i am not teaching any horsehair basket classes this year. I did submit them, but they were not selected. Perhaps next year. In the mean time, if you want to try your hand at a kit, they are available in my etsy shop.

Here are my classes:

Page 11
Acorn Cap Ornament
Thursday 1 pm -3 pm
Mini Bonus
All Levels
approx. 3" x 1 1/2"

Yes, that is a REALLY Big acorn cap! Coil a cute ornament on a huge Burr Oak acorn cap, using pine needles and colored sinew. Learn the classic hurricane handle. Embellish with distinctive printed jingle bell. Bring sharp small scissors. Good finger dexterity required. Choice of colors.

Pine Needle Turtle Effigy
Friday 1:30 - 5:30pm
4 hours
all levels
1" x 1" varies

Coiled animal effigies are commonly seen in several Native American cultures. The turtle is generally a symbol of creation and motherhood. Your turtle will be coiled of longleaf pine and raffia, and will have pine cone scale appendiges. You will coil the whole shell, top and bottom, and connect them. Very cute!

Page 31
For the Bees
Saturday, 8:30 - 12:30pm
4 hours
all levels
2" x 2" varies

Coil this adorable mini-bee skep, and then weave one or more micro-bee(s) to buzz around it! Skep is coiled of pine needles and raffia. Learn the magic disappearing start and back and forth bead weaving. Bring a light for bead-weaving. A magnifier helps, too.

Can't wait to see you there! Has everyone looked at online registration!???? It is wonderful! Links to the teacher's emails right there on the page!

pamela zimmerman

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