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NCBA Convention Baskets with Pati English

Decorative Handle Wraps, Fancy Cross Carryall Basket,
And Spirals Change Baskets
by Pati English

As a basket maker and instructor, I am honored to have three classes selected for NCBA Convention, 2010. It is always exciting to receive the brochure in the mail and now to see my original designs on the website is even more exciting!

The mini bonus class,Decorative Handle Wraps, is being offered for the second year. This fun session has several designs and handles to wrap to use in future baskets, and the skills to go home and wrap the handle of any basket in your collection. My Fancy Cross Carryall Basket was created for a 50th birthday present for a special friend. The Spirals Change design is an award winning basket changing with each new piece created in this series. Inspired by a Kari Lonning three day seminar, this original design won First Place Professional Wicker category at 2009 NCBA Convention Exhibit. It was also juried in the North Charleston Cultural Arts Exhibition and selected for the S.C. Palmetto Hands Traveling Exhibition
with the S.C. Museum for 2009-2010.

Decorative Handle Wraps

Mini Bonus Class
Thursday 1:00-3:00 p.m.
All Levels $33.
A great way to learn new Handle Wrap Techniques. With instructions,
materials including cane, flat, and flat oval dyed reed, learn the Double,
or Triple Braid, Arrow, and Checkerboard designs. Two 8” oak “D”
handles are provided to complete two different wrap techniques in class;
or create a Handle Sampler with all four techniques on the same handle.
Learn to start, how to add-on new wrapper, and how to end the wrap for
a comfortable and decorative handle grip.

Fancy Cross Carryall Basket

Friday 8:30-5:30 8 hours
8”(W) x 15” (L) x 8”(H) 14” w/Handle
Intermediate Weaving Level $79.
With a woven filled-in base, learn to weave paired flat oval filler
spokes without splitting base spokes. Dyed round reed Three
Rod Wale creates a border for each fancy “cross” design on
this sturdy carryall. Select cocoa brown, as pictured, wine,
green, or teal with other color choices available. Wide dyed
weavers and cane cross overlays add to this fancy basket
finished with double cross knots and the double strand cane
braid handle wrap technique; other handle wrap designs offered
for a comfortable and decorative grip.

Spirals Change

Saturday 8:30-5:30
Sunday 8:00-noon 12 hours
Advanced Weaving Level $79
Emphasis on Three Rod Wale variations and shaping techniques,
20 spoke woven base with continuous spiral and reverse spiral.
Challenge your skills and create a unique basket in teal/gold
#2.5mm round reed; or cocoa/rust; other colors available.
Learn how to add single spirals of color and finish with a three
step woven border. Round reed experience needed. The
cocoa/rust Spirals Change Basket won First Place Professional
Wicker Category 2009 NCBA Convention Exhibit

March will be here before we know it and at NCBA Convention, 2010, we will be “Celebrating Baskets”. I am looking forward to seeing you there.
Woven Wishes,
Pati English
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