Friday, December 18, 2009

NCBA Convention Classes with Anne Bowers

Cabbage, Kale, Kohlrabi

Being a 'ribbed addicted' person has lead me in alot of interesting directions...and this basket is an example of a marriage between ribs, color and a series! This is the 3rd in my 'Vegetable Series' of ribbed baskets. Look closely at the handle and you'll see a new handle created just for this basket featuring Japanese and regular cane. The hoops are 10" square and you'll be using preformed, dyed ribs. In fact all of the materials for this are dyed and students will have a palette of at least 12 colors and textures to choose from. Guaranteed, no two will look the same! I'll share with you my techniques on weaving on the diagonal, changing colors within the gods eyes and knowing the tricks to successfully complete the weaving.

Triple Braided Margaret's Square

I've found that the best way to quell a student fairly new to ribbed construction is to show how to make a square ribbed basket that makes use of preformed ribs. This greatly helps with the shape as you get the hang of how to weave over round ribs with flat weavers while learning the basics of ribbed construction. But one of the greatest features of this square basket is the triple braided cane handle. Lots of color choices will be available for class or in kit form.

Twiggy Hammock - aka "Sticky Rib Thing"

Fun with ribs??? Sure! Here is a perfect example - a 2 hour class (really!) in which you can make a unique wall basket. It starts with a wierd stick (there are lots of them around, you know!) that is drilled before class. The secret is - I'll tell you here - the ribs are fastened on one side while they 'float' till you're almost finished with the basket. Lots of fun materials will be used in class to make a special memory basket all your own!

If any of these sound like a fun and informative basket to take at convention, I'd like to invite you to come to my classes at the upcoming NCBA convention!

Anne Bowers

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Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

The baskets are absolutely stunning! I love the handle techniques...well, I just love the baskets all in all!