Friday, October 16, 2009

2. Three Considerations for Faster, Easier Coiling Post 2

Thanks to those who read my rant yesterday and to Donna, Jan, Tony, and Cazcat, who made positive comments. It sounds like we have a bunch of like-minded coilers out there. So, on to the three things I think you should consider if you want to be able to coil faster and easier:

1. Your Attitude
2. Your Tools
3. Your Habits

Yes, it is all about YOU. No accusation. Just: What works for YOU. Not for your teacher, or your friend. People are different, and you need to figure out how things work for YOU and only YOU.

The first thing to examine is your attitude: are you open minded? Or are you “by the book?” If you learned “from a book” and are still doing everything exactly the way the book showed you, then you are conforming to another person’s idea of the “best” way to coil. Don’t get me wrong. It may be that the book’s way IS the best way FOR YOU. But only YOU can determine this. YOU determine by trying different things if you don’t think what you are already doing is working. But first, you have to be open-minded. You have to be willing to consider that there is more than one possible way to do EVERYTHING.

The next post will be about YOUR TOOLS.

I would love to hear about your learning process, please leave a positive comment here for everyone to read! Thanks

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jac138 said...

Pam - You are so positively "right on" with this. Thank you so much for putting it in writing!!
Judy Cellars
Basket Babes
The Villages, Florida