Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Aside

Before continuing with my series on Three Considerations for Faster Easier Coiling, another aside must be created....

i was wrong, in my last post, when i said, "one does not purchase round sinew..." Evidently, one does. Just not THIS one (LOL.) I have been informed that Judy Mallow carries round sinew on her website, Prim Pines. So there. Sorry, people. I told you this series was about opinion...not fact. Thanks, Annejala, for figuring that out, and answering your own question about where to buy round sinew! Do not assume that you can just flatten out the round sinew, it might be twisted, like thread. Braided sinew is also available.

And, since Carol has brought up the issue of coiling direction (clockwise/counterclockwise,) in addition to needle direction, i will be considering that next...which has necessitated my pausing in this series for a few days, to get all my little ducks in a row....diagrams and such...hold onto your hats!

Also, wanting to answer Tony, who commented in the post about front/back coiling, "When you say "front" does that equate to "outside" vs. "back"/"inside"? Using the terms I am used to then I stitch inserting my needle from the outside of the basket to the inside." Yes, i can see i really was not clear. The thing is, to me, the "front" is always the side facing me. Meaning I am pushing my needle away from me, as opposed to pulling it.

Sometimes i make the side facing me the outside of the basket, and sometimes i make it the inside. But that, to me, is a shaping decision, and individual to the basket. When making something tall, i make the front, or side facing me, the outside of the basket, because i do not want to be trying to place my needle on the inside, particularly if i am going to narrow the neck a great deal. If i am making a more open, shallow basket, i usually make the inside the "front," because that is the side that is most often viewed, and the side i want to work from.

So when i say "front to back" i mean putting your needle in on the side facing you, and exiting it on the side away from you. Putting your needle in on the back, means it is entering on the side facing away from the coiler, whether that be the inside or the outside of the basket....geesh, i hope i have not just muddied the waters even more!

In the mean time, i have new sinew colors in my MakeABasket etsy shop...for a limited time only (until i remove this annoucement,) when you purchase both a basket base and ANY SIZE sinew, get $1 refund on your purchase. Please mention this blog offer to redeem your refund. I also have made little thread swatch cards to help you figure out what color thread to buy to coordinate with your project.

I still would like to post photos of baskets made with these bases, but sadly, have not received any more photos...i guess i will just have to wait until Ruth Danger coils some more, she is pretty prolific, and wonderful about sharing her pics!

Thanks again!


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Waterrose said...

While I don't think I'll ever be coiling...this is a great series! You've put a lot of work into this!