Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have to interrupt my basket vacation pictures and story to tell you about the Etsy voting page i am featured on right now.

One of my little beach treasure pouches is featured in a competition on etsy where users vote for their favorite item. YOU can vote for whoever you want...maybe you'll vote for me?

These little pouches are hand-woven using a very ancient technique, and are great to wear 'round your neck wi
th treasures in them. I featured one i made on vacation just the other day in another blog post.

The original pouch featured in the competition has already sold (thanks, Cathy,) but other, very similar pouches are for sale in my etsy shop, in assorted colors. They can even be made custom!

The winner of the competition will be featured in an article on etsy about beach goods. Thanks a bunch!


Inbal Weisman said...

I love it' will vote.
Also wrote about it at my blog. \
I have been in a wheat weaving workshop today and learn the corizon heart, Visit my blog to see it!

good luck

Juliana said...

Love it, and one vote cast for you by me! Is that knotless netting? Very cool!

Pattee said...

That is a cool basket and yes I'll vote for you!

Sue said...

What a unique and fabulous idea!