Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Basket Vacation, part 3: Insects

One of the things I have to be prepared for on this trip is insects. Boy, do they love me! In NC, it is mostly mosquitoes, ticks and in May/June biting flies, but then they are gone. In PA, there are also all sorts of gnats and little sweat bees that don’t seem to hurt anyone else – but they love me. They sting or bite or whatever it is they do, and usually on my ears or neck. So you will see me all covered up, even in the heat, and with a bandanna wrapped around my ears. What a pain! One thing that really seems to help keep them away is Florida Special Insect repellent. It is a great product I order online, from . Made from natural ingredients, it has a strong fresh scent, and even helps to sooth bites that have already occurred. You should try it, it is great!

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