Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Close to the end of our stay, I noticed a hummingbird casing out my baskets. She really stayed around a long time, and then sat up in the tree that shades my weaving area and tittered at me. I guess I was dense. She was accustomed to some of the old visitors putting out a feeder. But we didn’t have one.

Not to disappoint her, I made one, and here it is! I used an empty bubble container, drilled a hole in the cap, and covered it with red duct tape. Then I looped a waxed linen net around the bottle and filled it with sugar water.

It did not take her long at all to find it, and she sipped til we left…We did have to keep tipping the bottle up so she could reach the juice. What fun!

Next year, I will be sure to put it out right away, now that I know she comes around looking. I wish I could have caught a pic of her sipping, but she was a little shy. But I did catch a much slower fella eating….

This little guy was enjoying a big mushroom in the front yard of the farmhouse…geesh, I never knew that was what a slugfest looked like! He really did a number on this mushroom. I love mushrooms, too. Don’t blame him a bit!


niftyknits said...

oh my goodness he was hungry!

Kristin Malotte said...

I love your hummingbird feeder! What a great idea to make your own! I have a slight obsession with hummingbirds -- there was one that lived by our house when I was growing up that we named Freddie...and now EVERY hummingbird we see we call Freddie. He's the bird that never dies and moves everywhere we move!