Sunday, July 12, 2009

Basket Vacation, part 5: Looping

Other weaving projects from my trip to PA:

Each year I find a smooth creek stone to weave round. My kids usually like to walk to the edge of the property, then down to the creek. We walk IN the creek all the way back to the farmhouse. It is a lovely way to cool down, and the dogs love it, too.

This year I used hemp and made a little drawstring pouch to wear, with my creek stone inside. I also wove a little pouch to keep my digital camera in while I was wading down the creek!

Just so everything wouldn’t be perfect, our water pump went out the first day there. It was 45 years old, so I suppose we could hardly complain. We were 4 days without running water. Thank goodness for the creek! At least we could haul water for flushing toilets.

In the very prolonged and filthy process of locating the water pump (buried in the muddy front yard,) my husband found an exquisite little glass bottle, which he presented to me. I'm sure it is very old. What a lovely little treasure! I immediately looped it so I could wear as a flower vase.

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