Friday, May 28, 2010

Exchange Received: Karyl Jo Hartsog to Lynn Hoyt

Well, this latest basket i happened to witness it's unveiling...but i will let Lynn Hoyt tell it...she received the basket from Karyl Jo (KJ) Hartsog...

the work that went into this piece is amazing! The piece
is beautiful and interesting at every angle, including the interior and bottom. I love it!

KJ used little coiled starts throughout the basket to enable theshaping- 19 in all! The pine needles are naturally light brown with very dark caps in areas around the buttons, adding lots of texture and contrast. There is KJ's trademark of contrasting crescent moon pine needles woven into the bottom interior. The shape is amazing, undulating here and jutting out there -- KJ said in her note it reminded her of a shoe. Pamela kept saying "she has really pushed the envelope!" To me it's a coiled sculpture that should be exhibited in a show. Lucky me!!
This will certainly be a treasured showpiece in my collection! Thank you, thank you, KJ!

Yes, another lovely lovely exchange basket...I have to tell you, i knew what this basket was going to look like because i had received the photos in advance, and i STILL was a little blown away...what a piece!


niftyknits said...

this is amazing. "basket-making" just doesn't begin to do justice to work like this, it's sculpture.

Midnightcoiler said...

I'm the happy recipient--- it's gorgeous!