Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Painting Day

Please check out the new blog by Ruth Andre, A Painting Day.

If you are a basketmaker, you may remember Ruth's coiled gourd weavings. Having mastered fiber, Ruth has moved to 2d art, and has been building her career as a successful painter for several years now.

Ruth's incredible sense of color and design is of course beautifully manifested in her paintings. She creates wonderful images of animals and nature. I particularly love her horse paintings!

In this first post of her new blog, she shares her painting of the neighbor's spring apple tree, laden with blossoms. What will she paint next? I can't wait to see!

To see even more of her work, visit her website at www.RuthAndre.com .

1 comment:

Ruth Andre said...

Thank-you Pamela, for a great send off into the Blogging World. I do appreciate your comments very much. I have several horse paintings in the works and they will be shown on the blog very soon.