Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shaping Coiled Baskets: 3

Thanks to the commentors on the previous post in this series, Donna, Tony, Nifty (yay!) and Ann.

Nifty doesn’t coil or make baskets AT ALL, but it is wonderful for her to come read my blog (and comment!) For those of you who have not seen it, her etsy shop is wonderful, she has this amazing skill – she knits freehand in the round, and her knitted meerkats are going to take over the world! Ever seen a meerkat boldly going?

The diagrams in my last post were made by me on the computer over the past few years, they have been included in patterns that I have written.

Donna commented on the last series blogpost how helpful her diagrams were to her niece when she was learning to coil. So I have been given permission to publish Donna’s diagram, which is here at right. Donna said, “If I left out the idea of putting an imaginary anchor out, she grasped quite easily the exact location to put her sewing needle.” I am so glad that worked. The same imagery does not work for each person, every learner has to find what works for him/her (see my series on Faster, Easier Coiling.) I think our diagrams are very similar, but perhaps you perceive them differently.

Anyone else who has diagrams to share, I would be glad to post them for you. In the next post, we will continue with the discussion on shaping.

At left is an elaboartely formed basket by Flor Bosch.

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niftyknits said...

thank you :-)

I do enjoy reading about crafts that are quite alien to my experience, though I doubt I'll ever make time to try them!

Von said...

Gosh!That's amazing.I was taught basket weaving by The Southern Inidgenous Weavers, a great honour but haven't much time to practise.Lovely blog!

Move With Me said...

Enjoying this serious... i need the practice with shaping currently, great timing.. thank you