Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lovely Baskets from Janet Bonnell

I received this email today:

As promised I'm sending along the photos of the baskets that I have made using the pottery bottoms that I bought from you. First of all, I would like to say that you are a pleasure to deal with and your items are of top quality and that is something to treasure these days. I just loved the pottery bases and I'm sure that I will be ordering more in the future.

The first basket using the blue base I titled "Patina". It's coiled with waxed linen and pine needles. It's 14 inches wide.

The second with the daisy base is titled "Rythem of Nature". It also is pine needles and waxed linen. It is 14 inches wide and is embellished with faggoting.

I truly hope that I have done your lovely bases justice with my work. I always try to let the base talk to me and tell me how the rest of the piece should go. I believe that the basket should be a reflection of the base.

Thanks again.

Janet Bonnell

Wow, what beautiful baskets Janet has made! I really love the bands of wrapped gradient color in "Patina," in imitation of the different colored spirals in the center Janet! In the daisy basket, it amazes me that you have made little petals out of the loops of pine needles, which again mimic the petals of the daisies. They really do reflect the base! I also love the undulation of the twisting coils in this one. They are so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

I have just recently uploaded new bases to my shop, and hope to have more beginning next week. Send me your photos, of baskets made with these bases, i will post them!

to see more photos of baskets made with pottery bases, click the label "pottery base" at the bottom of this post!


Donna in WA said...

All I can say: The baskets are beautiful! I wish I could see them in person.

Vincent said...

First thing I said when the page opened was, "Wow". Beautiful and artistic work.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pamela those baskets are such works of art!

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niftyknits said...

Stunning - how wonderful to see your own work incorporated so thoughtfully.