Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dog and Pony Show

Check out this fabulous show at the Brandon Michael Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

My friend Ruth Andre has 2 works in the exhibition, which is titled "Dog and Pony Show International Show and Sale." The proceeds are to benefit a no kill animal shelter and a therapeutic riding center. Both of Ruth's wonderful paintings is in the online peek.

Exhibition Dates: February 12-15, 2010
Opening Reception: February 12, 5-7 pm
It would be lovely if you could attend!

To see more of Ruth's fabulous paintings, please visit her website at


Carol said...

Pamela-Thank you for sharing this! I have wondered so many times about Ruth. I am pleased to know she is doing well. Her art work as usual is wonderful.

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Thanks Pamela for posting this Watermelon Mountain Ranch, who this benefits, is such a wonderful orgainzation here in New Mexico. I have several friends who foster dogs and do other volunteer work for Watermelon Ranch so I hope people know this is going to a very worthy cause.

Juliet said...

I love Ruth''s work. It all goes back to the small world thing. She and I have been acquanted with eachother for years now. I wish the show was running longer, as I am headed to Santa Fe at the end of Feb. Darn!

J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

While Ruth's paintings are so beautiful I am so sad she doesn't weave anymore (or at least that I know of). I am just happy that I have 4 of her gourd weavings, though I wish I would have gotten one of her larger pieces, mine range from 6" to 3" in diameter.

She used to live near St. Louis so we would see each other every once and awhile. I haven't talked to her in ages now, which is my fault.