Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Newest Weekend Deal

Well, here comes another weekend. I have signed up for a whole series of weekend promotionals with

This weekend, September 18-20, i will be participating in etsy's BOGO weekend.

1. in my PurpleToedGypsy shop, buy one, get one free on all of my Art Gal Pins.

These little darlings are made of recycled plastic, hand drawn, colored, and beaded. Many of them are carrying little tiny hand-woven (of course) baskets, some are horsehair. They also all feature a pet - fish, dog, cat, bird, etc.

2. in my Bazketmakr shop, buy one, get one free on all of my Beach Treasure Pouches
These are open netting, woven bags to wear as necklaces. They are great for carrying special crystals, gifts from your child, shells and stones picked up at the beach or on vacation, etc.

and here is the special offer, just for those of you who read my blog: my MakeABasket shop, buy one, get one free on all of my pottery basketry bases

hand shaped by me from stoneware, glazed and fired (twice) to cone 6, which is quite hot. A great beginning for any coiled basket!

To redeem this offer: In all shops, make two purchases, and pay using PayPal. Mention "weekend deals" or "BOGO" in the message to seller. You MUST make BOTH purchases in the SAME SHOP. For instance, you CANNOT buy an pin in one shop, and get a free pouch from another shop. But you can apply this offer in more than one shop - if you wish to have a BOGO in each of my three shops offering this special, be my guest!

When i receive confirmation that you have paid, i will refund the price of one of the purchased using PayPal also. Of course, if the two purchases are not the same price, the lesser price will be refunded to you. Shipping will also be refunded, you will only pay one shipping charge.

I try very hard to ship next day, and all items listed in my shops are ready to ship (excluding custom pouches.)



Midnightcoiler said...

What a great deal!

niftyknits said...

Good luck! I hope your bargain offer brings many buyers.

self taught artist said...

just got your comment on my blog so here to check you out...i love YOUR snail gourd...gotta get that baby in my treasury :)