Thursday, July 18, 2013

Learn a Looping Technique in Belle Armoire Jewelry This Autumn

I am honored to have been asked to write a how-to article for Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine. If you have not read this magazine before, I highly recommend it.  There is always lots of technique based information in it, and wonderful photography.


My article is a basic looping (knotless netting) technique, and includes a project with step by step photos and tips. The project uses my "faux stone" clay hearts, found in my MakeABasket etsy shop.
Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine is published by Stampington & Company, my article is in the Autumn 2013 issue, hitting newstands September 1.  
No news stand near you? No problem!  They offer an online preview and discount, $2 off, plus free shipping. I have used this service before, and it's great!  I love this! My town does not have a book store, where I can buy these, so I have to drive 30 miles to get one, or have a subscription.  The magazine is sent the same time it comes out on news stands, but it is wrapped up (so your neighbor or carrier does not get sucked into reading it) and comes quickly.
The article i have written is previewed in image 7.
You can also subscribe to Stampington & Company newsletters yourself, and get more great previews!


Carol said...

How exciting Pamela!
Congratulations on being published.

Lillian Child said...

My eyesight is not very good anymore, so recreating your LOVELY knotless netted heart would not be doable ... but I know my daughter-in-law would LOVE this piece of jewelry. Is there any way I could purchase a finished necklace from you on Etsy to give to her for her birthday coming up? If you would be so kind as to email me at: Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Pamela Zimmerman said...

Lillian, I'm glad you like them so much, and that you found my shop at ! I'll be sending you the necklace you chose very soon, and honored that you chose this for your daughter-in-law! pamela