Monday, December 17, 2012

Classes I am Teaching at NCBA 2013: The Case for Baskets

I love teaching at NCBA Convention! This year, it is called "The Case for Baskets" (coordinated by Katie Lake,) and will run March 21-24.  I am teaching 3 classes...but only if someone signs up for them! Is it too late to sign up??? Not at all!
DEADLINE EXTENSION >>>>Sign up for classes until December 28!  
Find the full course offerings and register online on the NCBA Website for the greatest ease of class selection!

Here are some more photos and descriptions of the classes I am offering!  Hope to see you there!
Random Weave Garden Basket
Class #1  Random Weave Garden Basket 
 I have taught this basket for the past two years at convention, and my class has been full both times. We have so much fun in this class, i am so looking forward to teaching it again!  
Random Weave Garden Basket
 See some of the photos posted last year on Facebook of weavers and their work in this class!
Random Weave Garden Basket
 As you can see, there are LOTS Of variations in this free form weaving class. And for most people, here is an opportunity to work with a completely new material!  Fun for all!
Random Weave Garden Basket
Page 19 (Low-Odd Pages)
Friday 8-12am
Random Weave Garden Basket 
4 hours
All levels
13” x 16” x 13” w/o handle varies

Random weave is so much fun! Make a great wall pocket for a plant, or a handled basket, or use your imagination to make your own shape.  These baskets are fabulous accents in the garden or on a porch, and function beautifully as planters.  Lovely bamboo-like pullet vine is novel and wonderful to handle!  Some people weave more than one basket in this class.

Painted Tapestry Window
 Class #2  Painted Tapestry Window
 This is a beautiful wearable piece, completely one of a kind! Very personalizable and creative, can be made almost any color you like, as we will be painting it!
Painted Tapestry Window
  I can't wait for this one!  Additional weaving windows are available in my shop, and of course will be available in class.
Painted Tapestry Window

Page 27 (high-odd pages)
Saturday, 9am - 4pm
Painted Tapestry Window
6 hours
All Levels 
approx. 2”, will vary

Weave a great tapestry style necklace, supported on a hand formed stoneware frame, using 4-ply waxed linen. Add variety to your weaving by painting the waxed linen, and choosing to add your own special pattern of stripes, checkers or tapestry sections.  Each person’s weaving will be unique, both in color and shape.   Recommended tools: personal light, magnifier, tiny clips and sharp scissors.

Elegantly Simple Heart Necklace
Class #3 Elegantly Simple Heart Necklace

Elegantly Simple Heart Necklace
Here is a beautiful heart necklace that is both easy to learn and teaches a great skill - that of capturing an irregular object in free form weaving.  Yes, I will have additional pottery hearts for you, if you like them.  I make them myself!

Elegantly Simple Heart Necklace

Page 33 (high-odd pages)
Sunday, 8am - 10 am
MB10 This is a mini-bonus class, so it does not count towards your 16 hours of class!
Elegantly Simple Heart Necklace
2 hours
1 ½” x 2 ¼” without neck cord

Elegantly Simple Heart Necklace
Weave beautifully understated waxed linen knotless netting over a hand crafted, wonderfully irregular pottery heart. Results in an exquisitely simple and elegant necklace, perfect for Valentine’s Day, bridal, and gift giving. Color choices.

So there you have it!  I would love to weave one (or all!) of these with you.  And, to other NCBA teachers: I am happy to publish your photos and descriptions of your classes in my blog, just send them to me at .

See you there !  Pamela

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