Friday, February 10, 2012

The Missed Connections of Sophie Blackall

Reading through the Etsy blog today, I came upon a wonderful video featuring Sophie Blackall, an artist who lives in Brooklyn. It explains Sophie's public works project, featured on the NYC subway, (congrats, Sophie!) which is based on her finding the "missed connections" section of Craig's List. Evidently that is where people place personal ads in hopes of finding some stranger they ran into somewhere.

I am totally loving Sophie's work; the beautiful watercolor technique, the funky little people, and, of course, their amazing stories. Haven't we all had a "missed connection" in our lives?

Read more about it in Sophie's blog.
Visit her Etsy shop (read her shop announcement, she has a special running until Valentine's Day!)

Read about her in the etsy blog, and see the video.

i think i have to go buy some...

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