Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hug A Chicken (Fresh Eggs For Sale!)

You may know Carolyn and Danny Sleeper (if you live in Washington, NC.) They run Slatestone Studio, a pottery haven where children of all ages play in clay. (Including me.) That's Danny, surrounded by the summer batch of clay chickies...aren't they cute? Mr. Danny is really great with them.

Lately, there have been chickies of another kind...

The feathered kind!

It is so much fun to go to Slatestone Studio and watch them run around...they have a little fenced area, and straw bales as a playground. I sometimes bring them a few grape tomatoes or some bread, and they love that. The other thing i am loving about it:

That's right, beautiful big, brown fresh eggs! And they are so tasty!

Perhaps it is the "free range" thing...maybe it is what they feed them (my occasional grape tomato?) But MAYBE it is the hugs. Yes, hugs.

That's Carolyn Sleeper, cuddling up with that hen. I, personally have not done it. But I have seen it. They run right up to you in the yard, and want to be held. AWWWW

That just tickles my fancy, these chickens that are loved and love to be loved!

So if you are in Washington, NC, and are looking for really GREAT fresh eggs, check out Slatestone Studio, on Slatestone Road (call ahead 252 945 3541.) I know you won't be sorry...And, while you are there, check out the egg plates, too!

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roberta said...

i want some chickies. i'm planning a garden and i know they help with the bugs. i have a perfect place to convert into a coop but it's full of firewood right now. i think it used to be a stall.
deer come tromping into my fenced yard now and then and at least one really big dog (as evidenced by enormous poop).
my nest door neighbors are ranchers (in a place in arizona) and bring me eggs occasionally.
i still want some chickies.
i also want to figure out how to get into the blog hannah set up for me ages ago. gnash gnash.