Friday, July 23, 2010


"Summertime Exchange"
Exchange Host: Pamela Zimmerman

Guidelines and Schedule

This is an opportunity for each of us coil a basket that embodies the theme "Summertime." Your basket may be one that is intended for use during the summer (i.e. traditional use) or have a motif about summer (flowers, frogs, fireworks, bare feet, grass, beach, pool, etc,) or a sculptural basket that has something to do with summer.

1. All members of the Pine Needle Group who have fulfilled their past commitments to our exchanges, and members who have never participated are eligible to participate.

2. Baskets should address the theme "Summertime," in either a pictoral, figural, or traditional use manner.

3. All entries must be at least 50% coiled. At least half the surface area of the basket HAS TO BE coiling. Any material (Including, but not limited to pine needles) for the coiling. Other techniques are also permitted in addition to coiling.

4.Coiling is defined as a weaving technique using an inner core that is wrapped with a binder. Glued or ceramic coils are not permitted.

5. Baskets may be started on a "start," of NOT LARGER than a 6 inches in any one direction. (Your base, if you use one, MUST BE SMALLER than 6 inches.) For ideas of what to use as a start, see Pamela's blog on this topic.

6. You must be a member of the Pine Needle Yahoo Group in good standing to participate in this exchange.

7. To participate, send your name, email address (please type it out, don't assume it is gotten from the email,) address, and PHONE NUMBER (mandatory) to Pamela Zimmerman, exchange Host. All entries will be acknowledged. The phone number is essential. Your phone number will not be distributed or shared, even to your exchange partner.

8. Sign up period is from Friday, July 23, through Friday July 30. You will receive the name of your partner July 31.

9. Partner assignments will be double blind - that is, you will not know who is sending you a basket, and the person you are sending to will not necessarily be the one who is sending to you.

10. You have from whenever you sign up, until August 31 to coil and ship your basket.

11. Please coil a basket that you would be proud to receive. Please remember that we have all levels of coiling experience on this list, and that coilers of equal experience may not be paired.

12. Once you have completed your basket, please take several CLEAR pictures of it, and email the pictures to Pamela. If you do not have a digital camera, please have the image digitized at your local store, it does not cost much.

13. Send the completed basket to your partner.

14. Photos of all exchange baskets will be posted to this blog, as well as the Pine Needle Group list, along with the maker's name and who received it (and any other information about the basket they want to share.)

15. When you receive your basket, you MUST post to the group list an acknowledgement and thank you.

16. The Standing Rules apply. Please make sure that you READ the standing rules. They are at the bottom of the Exchanges page.


SIGN-UP: today through Monday, July 30
COILING BEGINS: Immediately after signing up
QUESTIONS??? - E-MAIL ME: Pamela Zimmerman

If you are interested in coordinating a future exchange, your rules, email

Lynn Hoyt, Exchanges Coordinator

Tomorrow I will post some examples of baskets that I think exemplify the theme, Summertime!


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