Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Final Pack

NCBA Convention, here i come! Oh. It is not until next Thursday, March 11...but i am in a packing tizzy!

oooohhhh got some new pottery bases for Teacher's Marketplace!

Also am finally offering horsehair kits (these have been requested in the past, but i have never sold them at NCBA,)

as well as my standard horsehair baskets

and wearables,

introducing cell phone charms/zipper pulls that are horsehair baskets!

Other new items are my Needle Grabber Duo and thumb Grabbers

as well As Beach Treasure Pouches

I hope to see you there - don't miss Teacher's Marketplace!
It is Friday evening, from 8-10 in the big weaving room.
It is a crush, but settles down after a little while. If my table is crowded when you first come around, please come back, I would love to see you!



Midnightcoiler said...

I'll be there!

Move With Me said...

Hope it went well...

Unknown said...

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