Monday, April 23, 2012

Ruth's Memory Basket

I love it when i get an email like this: "The package came today...The basket is everything I could have hoped for. It is so beautiful....Ruth"
Another memory. My favorite part about making horsehair baskets is not the coiling...nor the finished basket. It is not the amazement and excitement of people finding a tiny basket dangling from my is when someone receives their Memory Basket.
Ruth told me last year about her beautiful longtime friend, Lady. They had a wonderful relationship, the kind that comes from love and trust. When I heard that Lady had died, I was very sad. Ruth's blogpost about her loss had me sobbing, but smiling, too. What wonderful memories Ruth had of her companion!
I was hoping she would contact me to let me make a memory basket for her in remembrance of Lady, and she did. An artist, Ruth had definite ideas about what she wanted, a great sense of color and style, and I felt so privileged to be entrusted with Lady's tail hair.
Thank you so much, Ruth, for the honor of making a memorial piece with the exquisitely colored tail hair of your cherished friend, and for letting me share your story here. Ruth also blogged about receiving her basket, her tribute shared even more amazing memories.