Monday, November 28, 2011

Adding to a Collection

Do you have a collection? Most people do. Here is a basket for an owl collector!People's collections give us great ideas for appreciated gifts. am having alot of fun looking at these great new baskets by Geraldine Kiser. This is the third day I have featured one of her new creations. Geraldine has made alot of gifts for her family and friends this year, using basket bases from my shop.

Geraldine's daughter, Karyn, collects owls, but holds out for the more unusual representations. She evidently spent a semester studying in Greece, and the owl represents the Greek goddess Athena. Geraldine thought this was the perfect representation she needed to make a great gift for her daughter! I must say, it turned out fabulous!

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1 comment:

Midnightcoiler said...

Geraldine's baskets are wonderful. I like the way she personalized them with motifs that have meaning for each recipient. My favorites are the birds. Lovely work!

Pamela truly must have something for everyone in her Make-a-basket shop. I'm amazed at the variety of designs she constantly comes up with.