Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Lovely Basket by Ruth Anne Danger

From a very prolific coiler, here is a selection of new baskets...

Remember you can click on the image and see it closer! They are all so beautiful!

For your closer examination, here is another beautiful basket by Ruth Anne Danger! This one features a flamingo ceramic base, and vibrantly colored pine needles! Ruth Anne, this is another blue ribbon winner, your coiling is so beautiful!

All of the graceful baskets in the first photo are also by Ruth Anne. Thanks for sharing them with us.

To coil a flamingo basket of your own, check out the flamingo bases in my shop, they come in several different colors, and you can put your own spin on a decidedly tropical weaving!

1 comment:

Midnightcoiler said...

Really gorgeous baskets! The addition of the green needles with other colors makes for outstanding contrast. I love the way the light pink bases look with the green needles. Very fresh.