Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful Basket by Geraldine Kiser

Here is another lovely pine needle basket! This one coiled by Geraldine Kiser!

Geraldine started with a mockingbird base from my MakeABasket shop. Did you know the mockingbird is the state bird for more states than any other? That includes Texas, where Geraldine lives.

Geraldine gave it a wonderful asymmetrical treatment, even folding back one side as she coiled. She also gave it a floating coil, above the mocking bird, on the high side of the basket, mimicking tree branches. I think it is just exquisite! So wonderful, Geraldine.

Since she travels alot, Geraldine carries pine needles with her and works as she goes. If all her baskets are as beautiful as this one, I am sure people ask her about buying them all the time! I am glad to see she signs and dates the bottoms.

way to go!

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Ellen said...

Wow, that's beautiful! I can't believe my Mom made that. :)