Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Incredible Baskets by Janet Bonnell

I love seeing what people make using the ceramic bases from my MakeABasket etsy shop, you know it! Hold onto your hat, ‘cause here come some new ones from Janet Bonnell….

The first is called “Dance To The Rythem” and is embellished with knotless netting!

I am particularly partial to petroglyphs, and am just taken with what Janet has done with this base. I see dancing notes in this little wooden beads! Way to go, Janet!

Here are more glyph ceramics dolled up with Janet’s special twist:

“God Speed” features spaced wrapping and is wonderfully graphic!

“The Sign” (embellished with yarn)

I love the radiating stitch pattern on this one, like ripples radiating from the palmprint!

The last is called “Dark Side of the Moon,” and I am told is a tribute to me!

Janet, I am just speechless. Of course this is in reference to my “Catching the Moon” series (which can be seen on my website.) Thank you, Janet, I am so flattered!

If you have baskets that you made using ceramic bases from my MakeABasket etsy shop, send them in, and I would love to publish them!


Kessie said...

Wow, those are absolutely beautiful. Any idea what material she used in her coils?

Pamela Zimmerman said...

thank you for pointing that out, Kessie! I forgot to say, she coiled all 4 using sweetgrass! yum!

Nancy said...

Those are stunning. The top picture is particularly appealing. I love how it is a combination basket and dream catcher.